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The Dojo is Open!

After a long time of wanting to get this idea off the ground, I finally can open the doors of my Guitar Dojo!

As a self-taught guitarist, I feel I have developed a simplified and effective teaching method that uses the music the student is actually inspired by as opposed to a method book that teaches music they have no interest in. We’ll take whatever songs or style of music they want to learn, and break it down to teach all the fundamentals from beginner level to stage-ready… and then I’ll help build their rig and find them a band to play with!

It was hard for me to get around my modesty enough to realize that I might have the ability to make this work, and to put it out there.  But what was even harder was developing an approach… a style of teaching… and my only inspiration for that had to come from something I did take lessons in for many, many years… martial arts.

Some of the Kenpo instructors I’ve had in my life made very long-lasting impressions on me with their methods of teaching, and even their manner of speaking and explaining the small details.  I worked hard to emulate them when I eventually conducted lessons and classes myself… and I remembered those things when trying to develop my teaching method for the guitar, hence the marriage of guitar instruction with a little martial flavor.  Don’t worry… I’m not going to teach how to use your guitar as a weapon, although I have an instructor in Arizona that would love to do that if you choose.

I’m teaching out of my very-humble home for now, but may move to another location in the future, depending on how things go.  If you, or anyone you know is interested in learning how to play guitar, please send them my way…  Thank you!




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