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Raven Storm’s Guitar Dojo

Guitar Lessons from an Experienced Live

Performer and Studio Musician


The best way for students to learn is to study what inspired them to begin with.

This lesson plan teaches how to play guitar with the music you want to play.
No “method” books… No “Red River Valley” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”
Along with learning your favorite songs, you will learn:

Guitar Basics:

  • Tuning, Stringing, Maintenance.
  • Basic Chords.
  • C Major Scale, 1st Position.
  • Relative scale to song being learned.

Building Technique:

  • Bar Chords
  • Strumming/Picking Techniques
  • Right/Left Hand Synchronizing
  • Fingerpicking Techniques

Scale Formulas, Chord Building:

  • Major Scale Step Pattern, Scale Construction
  • Getting to Know the Fretboard
  • Chord Building ~ Making Sense of the Numbers
  • Circle of Fifths/Relative Major, Minor
  • Minor Scale Step Pattern


  • Charts
  • Sheet Music & Tabulature
    (Introduced once knowledge of the fretboard is achieved)


  • Blues and Pentatonic Scales
  • Scale Excersises
  • Note Selection
  • The Art of Improvisation

Advanced Technique:

  • Modes, Advanced Scales
    (Harmonic Minor, Hungarian, etc.)
  • Speed & Sweep Picking
  • Arpeggios
  • Blending Modes
  • Knowing When, and When NOT to…
    (or… Why being called a “Shredder,” although sometimes well intended, is NOT always a compliment)

Band/Gig Preparation:

  • Equipment Consultation ~ Building your Rig
  • Dialing your Tone
  • Public and Band Member Relations
  • Getting the Soundman on your Side
    (…and how not to piss him off.)
  • Getting Ready for theĀ GIG.
  • Be a guest at set-up and sound check at a real gig
    to see how things go.


Raven Storm’s Guitar Dojo

(702) 347-0364


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